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TAPSA Annual Scientific Conference


Tanzania Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (TAPSA) is an autonomous, non-political, non- religious, non-profit organization that brings together Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences students of different levels in the United Republic of Tanzania.

TAPSA was founded in 1987 and is registered under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Headquarters of TAPSA are located at MUHAS premises in Dar Es Salaam.  TAPSA is comprised of 20 Chapters, which are made up of Universities and Colleges from all over Tanzania.

Annual Scientific Conference

Every year, members from all chapters meet to discuss roles, challenges and advancements of the pharmaceutical profession in health related issues, industrial development and technological advancements in an ever-evolving world. The 12th Annual Scientific Conference 2021 was held from 25 to 27 June in Mwanza region with 250 participants.

The main theme was:

Pharmaceutical Personnel: Expanding the Scope to Combat Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)


  1. To discuss roles and challenges of pharmacy professionals in combating NCDs

  2. To discuss Economic impact of the contribution of pharmacists to reducing the burden of NCDs

  3. To discuss ways to harness new technologies and communication tools in combating NCDs

  4. Young pharmacy professionals participate in workshops organized by key pharmacy professional stakeholders like MSD, TMDA, the Pharmacy Council of Tanzania, and Clinical Pharmacists

  5. Building constructive relationship between young pharmacy professionals and stakeholders


The Conference was associated with the various activities:

  1. Conduct public health events, which will include blood donation and community awareness on NCDs and Antimicrobial Resistance

  2. Discussions on strategies to curb NCDs

  3. Training on regulatory frameworks, professionalism code of conducts, etc.

  4. Patient Counselling Event (PCE) for the student delegates


HPSS contribution

HPSS presented two papers from recent research with results related to 1) rational medicine use and 2) the impact of dispensers on supply chain management.

Titel RUM ppt.PNG
Titel dispenser ppt.PNG


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