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8th Tanzania Health Summit  2021 

HPSS presented the following studies at the THS 2021:

1. Tracking progress in rational medicine use - an assessment of key indicators in Dodoma region. Presented by Prof Jeremiah Seni

2. Pharmaceutical Training and Employment in the Public sector: Training alone is not Enough. Presented by Kelvin Msovela

3. Strengthening Tanzania’s pandemic preparedness and response capacities. Presented by Ally Kebby

4. Enhancing community awareness on health insurance and uptake of the Improved Community Health Fund (iCHF). Presented by Elizeus Rwezaura

5. Youth as agents of change in raising AMR awareness in the community. Presented by Erick Venant

6. An assessment of knowledge and hand hygiene practices among healthcare workers at Dodoma Regional Referral hospital. Presented by Erick Venant


7. Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice toward antimicrobial use and resistance among students in three secondary schools in Dodoma city. Presented by Baritazar Stanley



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