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Training on promotion of CHF Iliyoboreshwa

For the National Government Communication, Information and Public Relation Officers Annual Conference in Mbeya, HPSS and Pharmaccess in collaboration with PORALG organised an information booth on iCHF. The conference was attended by 600 officers from Ministries, Parastatals, Institutions, Regional and District level. A panel discussion on CHF Iliyoboreshwa was conducted to further inform the participants and to encourage approaches to advocate and promote CHF.

During the conference, a one-day workshop was organised bringing together Regional Communication Officers, Regional CHF Coordinators and Regional IT Officers. This workshop had the objective of introducing the iCHF team to the communication and promotion approaches for promote community enrollment. It was a first time for Regional Communication Officers to participate in CHF Iliyoboreshwa business. At the lively workshop different communication media, tools and approaches were discussed and inputs from communication officers were gathered to further inform the preparation of a national and regional communication and promotion campaign.





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