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Minister Kairuki launches a new digital supply management system for Jazia PVS

By Henry Mazunda

Jun 12, 2023

Facilitating proper planning and quicker decision-making to ensure the seamless availability of health commodities in public health facilities is just one of the many benefits of a new digital logistic system launched today by Hon. Angela Kairuki, Minister of State - President’s Office -Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG).

Called Prime Vendor Management Information System (PVMIS), this innovative solution manages logistic data from gathering, compiling, and analysis. Crucially, the PVMIS is integrated into the national GoTHOMIS, hence well anchored.

“The launch of PVMIS will address challenges faced by the current paper-based system which is not only slow but also lacks transparency,” said Dr. Ntuli Kapologwe, Director of Health, Community Development and Nutritional Services at PORALG.

“We are so grateful to the Swiss Government for supporting the development of this innovative system through the HPSS project.”

The Government of Tanzania established the Medical Stores Department (MSD) to ensure the continuous availability of health commodities. This entails that all public health facilities procure health commodities from MSD as their first point of call.

In case of stockouts or undersupply at MSD, private vendors fill the gap as provided for by Regulation 140(6) of the Public Procurement Regulations 2013.

In 2018, the Ministry of Health (MoH) and PORALG, in collaboration with the HPSS project, established the Jazia Prime Vendor System (PVS) that enables health facilities to procure undersupplied health commodities from competitively appointed regional vendors.

Meanwhile, PORALG and MoH have jointly developed and rolled out a manual to guide health facilities on the proper implementation of PVS nationwide. The Jazia PVS is now complemented by a tailor-made logistic system, fully integrated with GoTHOMIS.   



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