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HPSS hosts a Congolese delegation from VillageReach

By Henry Mazunda

Jan 16, 2023

HPSS project hosted a four-member delegation of officials from a chapter of VillageReach in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) that came to learn from the project’s successful research-based solutions in health system strengthening especially the complementary health commodity supply system, locally known as Jazia Prime Vendor System.

VillageReach is a globally connected organization headquartered in the USA, with offices in various countries including Mozambique, Malawi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It advocates for quality health care that is accessible to all communities and is working with different partners in Sub-Saharan Africa to address health care delivery challenges right down to the smallest and hardest to reach communities.

“Our visit is basically meant to learn from HPSS project operations, share experiences and lessons about the complementary health commodity supply system and other approaches that are contributing to the thriving health care delivery in Tanzania”, said Anderson Ti-Timi, Solutions Cost Analyst at VillageReach, who was part of the delegation.

VillageReach has been working in the DRC since 2015, collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health, Hygiene and Prevention, the private sector and other partners to implement different high-impact sustainable health solutions and programs.

“We develop people-centred health solutions aimed at transforming health care delivery by building tech-enabled pathways to primary health care, to ensure improved equity and access of health products by everyone”, Said Ti-Timi.

During the visit, the delegation paid a courtesy call at the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government and Swiss Embassy in Tanzania. The delegation also toured Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital, Medical Stores Department and government authorised health commodity vendors to get first-hand impression on how the overall health commodity supply chain system functions.

 “In the course of our visit, we have been so impressed to see the 99% availability of health commodities at a facility such as Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital”, he said.

HPSS project gave a comprehensive presentation about its operations, close working relationship with the government and a number of sustainable achievements realised so far.

“We are so honoured and humbled to host our new partners and friends from the DRC, said Fiona Chilunda”, Medicine Supply and Management Advisor at HPSS Project.

The VillageReach learning visit is the second in a space of five months when HPSS project hosted a similar delegation from Zanzibar.


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