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Government receives state-of-the-art servers from HPSS project

By Henry Mazunda

Feb 3, 2023

The HPSS project has handed over two state-of-the-art servers valued at US$37,000 to the Government of Tanzania.

The servers, bought with funding from the Swiss Government are expected to improve the performance of the CHF Iliyoboreshwa Insurance Management System (CHF-IMIS) hosted at the Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG).


Receiving the items on behalf of the government, the Director of Information and Communication Technology at PORALG, Mr. Erick Kitali thanked the project for the timely ICT boost which he said will enhance the efficiency of CHF-IMIS infrastructure which has lately been overwhelmed.

“We are so grateful for the timely donation made by the HPSS project and we trust it will go a long way in addressing the capacity challenges facing the current CHF-IMIS structure to support the smoother running of CHF Iliyoboreshwa business”, said Kitali.


Due to its affordability, portability, and competitive service package, the CHF Iliyoboreshwa insurance scheme has increased its penetration across the country and its membership stands currently at 7.5% of the Tanzanian population. CHF Iliyoboreshwa members have access to healthcare services in more than 6,000 health facilities countrywide.

In his remarks, Manfred Stoermer, Project Director at HPSS project reaffirmed the project’s commitment to continue supporting the government in strengthening health systems.

“I would like to reiterate our commitment to continue supporting the government in innovative health-strengthening initiatives, and it is my hope that the project’s interventions will be sustained even long after the project has phased out”, said Stoermer.


The government of Tanzania through PORALG has been implementing the CHF Iliyoboreshwa insurance scheme since 2018 in collaboration with development partners including the HPSS project which has introduced and implemented various innovations.

The operations of CHF Iliyoboreshwa are supported by the Insurance Management Information System (IMIS) which has registered over 30,000 users with different roles such as enrollment officers, Scheme Administrators, and Healthcare Providers from all the country’s 185 district councils.


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