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The HPSS Project supports the Government of Tanzania (GoT) to implement and integrate digital solutions for health insurance (openIMIS) and pharmaceutical commodities supply and management (for Jazia PVS).

Further, it supports to set openMEDIS on a new technology base and to add new requirements and introduce the same solution in all regions and councils to be used as inventory management system for medical equipment and building infrastructure. HPSS also aims at supporting the GoT’s plan for putting in place digital solutions for monitoring and supervision of health promotion.

The project implements these solutions through MOHCDGEC and PORALG mandates and within the framework of the Digital Health Strategy and 17 priorities areas stipulated in the e-health investment.

Development of the solutions and theirs integration in the government system shall ensure that all partners: government, development partners, and implementing partners, are engaged based on their respective mandate. This is proposed to ensure that solutions developed are within the government priorities for digital health and adhere to the standards set out by eGA, and are not duplicating efforts and resources. To this end, the project has identified the following government partners as well as development partners and their roles towards implementation of digital health solutions:


  1. eGA (e-Government Agency): Partner for providing guidance and standards for all developments and implementations of the solutions. The project collaborates with eGA through sector ministries to ensure that all requirements set out by eGA are adhered to while developing the digital solutions.

  2. PORALG: The project works with the Directorate of Health, Social Welfare and Nutrition and the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology of PORALG for joint development and integration of IT solutions and for support of all regions and LGAs towards the implementation of the developed solutions.

  3. MOHCDGEC: Provides policy directions, technical support and supervision of the designing, development and rollout of the solutions and other elements within its mandate.

  4. MOFP / Government’s e-Payment Gateway (GePG): Supports all e-payment solutions and management of accounts (collection and expenditure) at the commercial and central bank. HPSS aligns with GePG on consolidating e-payment solutions for iCHF and on support and monitoring its implementation in all regions.

  5. NHIF: Provides technical support on the development of an integrated government insurance system.

  6. PATH: Currently provides support to the Government of Tanzania on the implementation of the current e-health strategy and development of the future digital health strategy. HPSS works closely with PATH who is a major contributor in the implementation of the 17 GoT priority areas for e-health/digital health.

  7. PS3: Is a major player for implementation of PlanRep, FFARS and GoTHOMIS, which are essential systems for strengthening health system performance.

  8. HPSS supports the government technically and financially in the development of digital health solutions, concentrating on openIMIS, the IT system for the iCHF, the equipment management system openMEDIS, on IT solutions for the Jazia PVS medicine management system and on some elements on monitoring health promotion.


HPSS has organized a digitalization steering committee constituting of members from HPSS, MOHCDGEC, GEPG (MoFP), NHIF and e-GA. This committee monitors and advises the project on its activities on supporting digital health solutions. Additionally, the project participates in the Data Use Partnership (DUP) where the GoT, Development Partners and Implementing Partners meet to evaluate the implementation of the digital health strategy.


Expected outputs:

  1. Support is provided to develop and implement further digitalization on the health financing solutions such as further functionalities of openIMIS and integration of openIMIS with key IT systems (e.g. FFARS, GoTHOMIS, DHIS2, GePG cashless payment portal).

  2. Support is provided to digitalize Jazia PVS order processes, monitoring and reporting, by leveraging existing national IT systems

  3. Support is provided to further develop openMEDIS equipment inventory management system and its implementation in the national health system.

  4. Support is provided to develop digital observatory of health promotion to enhance M&E, analysis, planning & support


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