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Public health workers challenged to improve health promotion in their communities

More than 50 National and Regional Community and School Health Promotion Coordinators from all over Tanzania mainland who participated in the just ended five-day training for health promotion sponsored by Swiss TPH/ HPSS Project were challenged to translate the acquired knowledge and skills to empower members of the communities and pupils/students to improve their health and wellbeing in the regions they serve.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the training, which was hosted by the University of Dodoma (UDOM), Acting Director of Health Services, Social Welfare and Nutrition in the Office of the President – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG), Dr. James Kengia said he hoped the training will improve the capacity of Coordinators in addressing the gaps that were identified in implementing the government’s health policy and strategies.


“I trust that when you go back to your workstations you will immediately start employing the skills and knowledge you have gained from this five-day training to improve the delivery of health promotion services to the citizenry and achieve the goals that you have set for yourselves”, he said.

Dr Kengia thanked Swiss TPH/HPSS Project and UDOM for making this important training possible and also for supporting numerous other health promotion initiatives in the country.

Speaking earlier, Swiss TPH/HPSS Project Manager, Ally Kebby said the training is just but one of the many initiatives that the project has been implementing in the past 10 years. He said Swiss TPH/HPSS Project feels honored to be a trusted partner of the government of Tanzania in health promotion and system strengthening initiatives which have so far brought about significant positive changes in the health system.


"Apart from Health Promotion, we have supported the transformation of CHF into a viable social health insurance scheme which has been rolled out in all regions on mainland Tanzania as well as Jazia Prime Vendor System, a complementary pharmaceutical supply system which ensures availability of medicine supply in health facilities even when the Medical Supply Department (MSD) runs out of stock”, he said


Speaking on behalf of UDOM, Dr Nyasilo Gibole, the university's Health Promotion Training Coordinator thanked Swiss TPH/HPSS Project for what she said was a timely and important training initiative aimed at empowering health workers in the country to better serve their communities.

Dr Ndeniria Swai, Regional School Health Promotion Coordinator  for Dar es Salaam Region, speaking on behalf of the participants also thanked Swiss TPH/HPSS Project and UDOM for organizing the training which she said will improve the capacity of regional health and education departments in the implementation of participatory health promotion as outlined in the national policies, strategies and the Ottawa Chatter.


“This training is indeed an eye opener for us and it will not only help us to improve the health promotion service delivery but also improve the collaboration between colleagues in the health and education sectors”, she said.

It is expected that the training will also go a long way in addressing challenges that were being faced by Health Promotion Coordinators and Health Care Workers in implementing government’s health policies and guidelines that were mainly due to lack of capacity to translate the policies into action.


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