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Achievements in Phase 1 and 2

The health promotion approaches and tools piloted in Dodoma region were designed to guide health, school and community development professionals in supporting community responses to a broad range of health concerns that may arise. In the pilot period up to 2019 the majority of communities, through the use of participatory methods in which their outreach workers were trained, identified, prioritised, planned and budgetted their heath needs. The majority of these focussed upon water-related diseases such as malaria, diarrhoeal disease, cholera outbreaks, eye and skin infections. Communities developed community and school water and sanitation plans, that included both amenities such as domestic and school latrines and clean water, but also handwashing, home and environmental hygiene and ending open defecation as a practice in their villages and communities.

In addition, HPSS integrated approaches such as HIV prevention, school health screening, teaching capacity to support the roll-out of the UNESCO International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education and supported government in response to public health emergencies such as cholera outbreaks and aflatoxin.

Detailed results

Building healthy public policy and supportive environments:

  • Support of development and implementation of Regional Health Promotion Strategy informing the National Strategy;

  • Promoting enforcement of bylaws on environmental sanitation;

  • ToR of Community Development Officers expanded with health promotion roles and responsibilities followed by coaching ;

  • Launched a Sanitation Revolving Fund to strengthen the sanitation hardware supply chain in rural areas;

  • Peer education and support mechanisms established through 700 primary school health clubs.

Strengthening community actions:

  • Community dialogue for prioritization of health concerns, action planning and council funding applications;

  • Supported community, domestic and school water and sanitation actions.

  • 300 villages developed health promotion plans

Developing personal skills:

  • Health Officers, Community Development Officers and their assistants and school health coordinators in Dodoma Region trained on community participatory health promotion facilitation techniques, including preparing plans and budgets for community and school sanitation amenities and upgrades;

  • UDOM staff trained and mentored and Community Participatory Health Course launched.

  • Introduced prevention and control approaches to the cholera outbreak response in the winter of 2015.

School health:

  • School health screening with 154 sessions, covering 90,000 school children with oral, eye, ear, worm and parasite examination; 2,532 pupils referred to specialist services;

  • More than 1,000 health promotion sessions conducted at more than 400 schools;

  • Implementation of health committees based on sanitation action plans agreed between local health committees and schools.

  • 180 schools installed 195 hand-washing stations;

  • 760 School Health Clubs established;

  • 93,247 students participated in health awareness-raising activities.

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Community sanitation:

  • 152 Community Development Officers trained on Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS);

  • CLTS process completed in 132 villages, improving health literacy on hygiene and sanitation;

  • Over 150 community health workers (CHW) from 148 villages trained on toilet slab casting and masonry for social marketing

  • A Sanitation Revolving Fund (SRF) established in 130 villages, co-financing and enabling affordable, local sanitation hardware and an additional income stream for poor CHWs. Of Tsh 71,750,000 disbursed, 27,158,000 already recovered from slab sales.

  • More than 67,000 new public and domestic latrines built and 8,000 improved or upgraded, representing an 83% increase in domestic latrine coverage in learning villages

  • 62 villages have been declared open-defecation-free by local authorities, with 19 reaching level 1 (all households have built and are using improved latrines)

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