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The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) concentrates its development work on thematic domains that correspond to areas of Swiss expertise. One of these domains is health. The SDC considers the vast inequality in access to health and health services to be a violation of basic human rights, and thus emphasizes measures that will address the needs of the most vulnerable. In the Health domain, the SDC has three goals:

  • Strengthen health systems and health services
  • Control communicable diseases
  • Improve sexual and reproductive health

The HPSS project strengthens a long-standing health sector collaboration between the Government of Switzerland and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. The project builds on two previous, smaller scale SDC projects that were implemented in the Dodoma region. The then Ministry of Health and Social Welfare recognized SDC’s experience working together with the communities, and asked the SDC to implement a regional strategy combining health promotion, health system strengthening and operational research.

You can read more about the SDC’s health domain goals and their work with Tanzania and other partnering countries on the SDC website.

Swiss Cooperation in Tanzania
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