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Regional Prime Vendor Technical Committee meeting in Arusha

Arusha Region Prime Vendor Technical Committee (RPVTC) for the first quarter of FY 2020/2021 was conducted in Arusha region recently. The meeting was held at RMO's conference room with the objectives of completing price review for medical items, finalize amendment of schedule of requirement, hold discussion with the vendor on improving quality of services as well as emphasize on adherence to Jazia prime vendor system (PVS) contract and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

HPSS facilitated both by co-financing this important meeting, Hamisi Ntomola, HPSS TSO for the Northern Zone, participated and provided technical support on implementation of the Jazia PVS in the region.

In the coming weeks the project team will continue to further capacitate the regional team on Jazia PVS monitoring and evaluation system, and use the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) findings to improve Jazia PVS operations in the region which is essential for the implementation of the scheme.

Arusha Region Prime Vendor Technical Committee (RPVTC) recognized the contribution of HPSS project for laying the basis and activating the RPVTC meetings in the region.

Arusha Regional Prime Vendor Technical Committee members met in Arusha to evaluate the progress of Jazia Prime Vendor in the region.